Our Core Values & Commitment to You


We believe that everyone is inherently good and doing their best.

You are not a bad parent

The teenage years can be challenging

You are not alone

Our Core Values

  1. We accept and respect everyone for who they are
  2. We care passionately about what we do and the people we work with
  3. We offer empathy, warmth & compassion regardless of ‘difficult’ behaviour
  4. We trust that everyone is inherently good and doing their best
  5. We believe that what is happening in our mind affects our body and vice versa
  6. We believe the solution is often found in strengthening family relationships
  7. We see all behaviour as communication and seek to understand this 
  8. We work within our competence and experience level and refer on when needed 
  9. We believe in a growth rather than a fixed mindset and believe people can change
  10. We fully respect the confidentiality of each client no matter their age


    Our Commitment to You

    We do not promise to ‘fix’ you/ your young person, but we do commit to the above values and to creating a space where the young person can – 


    • Express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential environment
    • Build greater awareness of themselves, their experiences, their patterns of thinking and behaviour and what may be blocking them from leading a happy & fulfilling life
    • Develop new and healthier strategies for dealing with difficult emotions & situations
    • Become more resilient, calmer and with a stronger sense of themselves and their ability to connect with other people